Welcome to Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Chef Blog. | シェフズブログ | パーク ハイアット 東京


Thomas Angerer

Welcome to Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Chef Blog.

We are delighted to share an insight into each of our exceptional
restaurants at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

Here, you will get an insider view and regular updates on what goes on
behind the scenes of our hotel restaurants, including upcoming
events, promotions and sneak peaks at new menu’s.

I will also be sharing my personal experiences of exploring Japan in
search for the perfect ingredients,which took me on incredible
journeys throughout Japan.

From the Hokkaido cheese producers to Chiba vegetable farmers and the Kobe beef.

We will share how we use these ingredients to create recipes and menu design.

Keep Updated with our seasonal recipes, food tips and tricks in the
kitchen for you to create the perfect meal.

Learn how to present your dish with perfection and artistry that our
Cuisine is famous for.

Enjoy the Chef’s World of Park Hyatt Tokyo,