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Honeycomb at Girandole

We are showcasing a large honeycomb at Girandole that is very rare and is gaining a lot of interest from our guests.
There are many beekeepers in Japan but it’s difficult to find those who are passionate enough to stick to the honey harvesting procedure and process.
Mr. and Mrs. Kanno are the beekeepers who have provided this rare honeycomb to Park Hyatt Tokyo.
Mrs. Kanno comes from a beekeeper family of three generations and is based in Okhotsk, Hokkaido. From autumn to spring they reside in Shizuoka where it is warm and an ideal climate for bees.

The honeycomb that is displayed at Girandole is mixed flower honey from Shizuoka. This honey has a high sugar content of over 80%, making it very sweet and rich in flavor.
In May, they travel back to Hokkaido on an 8 ton truck and ferry ride, bringing with them 400 beehives and hundreds of thousands of bees. This journey takes over a day and a half.
They harvest the honey by first picking dandelions, clovers and acacia but from August they use a range of different flowers that are in bloom.
According to Mrs. Kanno,
“Honey bees are very sensitive to the climate and environment and can feel any slight change in their surroundings.
The volume of honey can be very little if the flowers do not bloom. The negative effects of acid rain and global warming are destroying the natural resources in Okhotsk, Hokkaido, which is an important area for bees. Since there are no agricultural chemicals or any antibiotics used in the area, it is a desirable place for harvesting natural honey. We are proud to be producing 100% natural honey.”

Please come and see this rare honeycomb during breakfast time at Girandole.