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Barista at Delicatessen


Greetings from Park Hyatt Tokyo! My name is Rieko Tsunegi, the Assistant Manager of Delicatessen.

In June of last year, I received a Level 1 Barista license from Japan Barista Association (JBA).
People generally think that a barista is someone who just brews fresh espresso and coffee. At Delicatessen, that is not our only responsibility. The barista’s role here is to overlook the entire outlet and first and foremost, ensure that the needs of our customers are met. It is important for each member of our staff to be relaxed and to smile, in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for our guests. No matter what the circumstances are, our staff members have great attention to detail and are able to brew coffee perfectly, check in on the customers and do not hesitate to call on colleagues for help and advice when necessary.

My sincere wish is for our customers to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of Delicatessen and take in the delicious aroma of coffee in the air. As spring has now approached, I recommend that customers take advantage of our terrace seats outdoors. The vibrant colors of fresh greenery with the refreshing breeze from the crisp, blue sky make for a perfect relaxing oasis.

A cup of coffee is priced at 360 yen and there is the option to either enjoy it with our sandwiches and sweets at Delicatessen or with a cake from Pastry Boutique on the second floor. Take-out is also available and we welcome everyone to experience our coffee and menu items at the comfort of their home or in the office. We guarantee that we will serve you the best coffee!