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Christmas Art Decorations at Park Hyatt Tokyo



The entire city of Tokyo is immersed in illuminations and decorations during the days leading up to Christmas. Park Hyatt Tokyo welcomes guests with festive decorations and a tree at New York Grill and Bar, as well as unique art pieces installed by prominent, top Japanese prop artist, ENZO.

The concept behind ENZO’s art pieces are of light and the apple. Candles are featured because people gather around light and with light, there is warmth. Since Christmas time is when family and friends gather together, the theme is appropriate.

The symbolism of the apple has many different spiritual and intellectual meanings. In this case, it is of the human consciousness of good and evil in a mystical world of light and darkness. This interpretation of the apple is very fitting for the slightly dark and mysterious image of Park Hyatt Tokyo.

At the main entrance of the hotel inside Pastry Boutique a playful apple object is displayed. A heartwarming scene is created inside the apple of a little boy anticipating the arrival of Christmas.

As you ascend up to the 41st floor, a large golden apple, placed on top of a table surrounded by candles and lamps in the bamboo forest welcomes you. This apple represents the place where the people or lights, gather around.

The last art piece by ENZO is a monumental white candle standing boldly with a glowing flame at the entrance of the dimly-lit Girandole. Surrounding the candle are objects representing living creatures that are placed on the base of the forest floor.

Come witness these exclusive works of art by ENZO at Park Hyatt Tokyo this holiday season and celebrate the end of year with creative inspiration.

The Christmas decorations will be on display until 25th December, 2015.